DCTMA-TV Original Video Series

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The “95 Revive” plan, set for completion in 2023, is affecting traffic in many communities across the Greater Philadelphia region. While the work has yet to begin in Delaware County, DCTMA has been working closely with PennDOT, Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC), and SEPTA to keep commuters updated with the latest information.

Along with PennDOT and DVRPC, we’ve produced promotional videos that highlight alternative transportation options, and the many benefits they have for commuters in our area.

Public Transit linked to an Employee Shuttle – DCTMA Presents:

“I-95 Commuter Heroes”

Click the link to view our latest video!  This video shows how employers can assist employees by linking public transportation with an employee shuttle.  This makes an easy, and stress-free commute!   I-95 Commuter Heroes

Share-A-Ride – “Carpool Heroes”

Telecommute Video – “The Life of Reilly”

Learn more about Telecommuting, Carpooling, and many other alternative transportation options. Contact DCTMA today at 610-892-9440 or info@dctma.org!

How to Bike and Ride SEPTA

Travel Instruction for Disabled Individuals – Watch Here


Travel Instruction for Senior Citizens – Watch Here
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We ran a 6-week campaign on Philly’s renowned KYW1060. Maybe you heard our spots?
If not, turn up the volume and click below!