The DCTMA is a private, non-profit organization dedicated to improving the transportation network serving the County. Incorporated in 1993, the mission of the DCTMA is to provide a forum where employers; local, county and state agencies; and transit authorities can cooperatively address transportation issues and coordinate cost-effective and efficient strategies for the county.

The DCTMA was originally organized to help employers deal with the federally mandated Employee Trip Reduction Act, which stated that it was the employers’ responsibility to deal with its employees’ travel issues and concerns. This federal mandate may have gone away, but the issues with transportation concerns did not, including the need for congestion mitigation, increased availability of public transit, and the support and creation of livable communities.

The DCTMA now has customized programs to meet the needs of Delaware County businesses and municipalities. Programs include:

  • Corporate Shuttle Service
  • The annual Employment & Career EXPO that gives companies an opportunity to recruit potential employees, with transit assistance available.
  • The annual Municipality Conference & Trade Show held each spring which promotes Smart Growth, livable communities and traffic calming measures.
  • The Incident Management Task Force which encourages cooperation between local first responders to minize the transportation impacts of local emergency events.
  • Efforts to promote environmental awareness and congestion mitigation, including Bike to Work Day, RideECO, teleworking, compressed work weeks, and carpooling.

Through coordinated planning and cooperative efforts, the DCTMA helps to promote a cleaner, healthier environment, sustain the quality of life, and enhance the economic vitality of Delaware County.