Members Only Events

DCTMA offers many exclusive benefits for our members, including our “Members Only” Events. We coordinate behind-the-scenes tours of many of our members’ sites. It’s a lot of fun and a great opportunity to learn something new while networking with fellow colleagues.

This spring, we explored Monroe Energy, a regional hub of the nation’s energy industry based right here in Delaware County. We took a guided shuttle tour through the refinery, and learned about the 100 year history of regional refining.

Past tours brought us to Philadelphia International Airport’s ramp tower, as well as PennDOT’s Traffic Control Center.

We’ve gone to the Philadelphia International Airport and literally got a birds-eye view of the air field from the ramp tower. We also had the opportunity to ride a shuttle bus around the airfield and learn about airport operations, history, and what the future holds for our hub!


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We’ve also visited PennDOT’s Traffic Control Center, and learned important information about the past, present, and future of PennDOT’s traffic operations. Plus, we got a live demonstration from the control center.

PADOT4-12-17 (3)

There are many more Members Only Events in the works, so stay tuned!