Share A Ride

When we drive alone to work, we contribute to the increasing traffic congestion, which results in higher taxes due to the need for highway construction, higher insurance rates due to more traffic crashes, continuing dependence on foreign oil and gas, and greater air pollution. But, when we travel to work together, we stop contributing to the problem, and become part of the solution!

Share-A-Ride is a computerized program that uses detailed geographic data to offer commuting alternatives for employees who are currently driving alone. Share-A-Ride isn’t just about carpooling; it includes matches for convenient transit services, vanpool groups, even walking and bicycling opportunities — whatever options best suit each worksite.  Learn more here!

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Emergency Ride Home

Commuting to work using public transportation or a car or vanpool is great for the environment and your budget, but what happens when there is an emergency and you don’t have your car? The Emergency Ride Home (ERH) program provides an easy answer to the problem of how to get a ride in the case of an emergency. Emergencies might include a sudden illness or injury of a member of your immediate family; a catastrophic problem at home that is immediately threatening (such as a flood, fire, or collapse); or unplanned and required overtime that prohibits use of your regular ride. This free program provides reimbursement for transportation by local taxi service, rental car, or public transit in the event of an emergency. Click here for details.

Van Pools

Vans, or vehicles which can hold seven to 15 people, are also an alternative. This option can be effective when several employees live in one specific area and when use of a larger vehicle is more efficient than the use of multiple cars. This service can be arranged through a third-party vanpool provider, with little or no company involvement, or it can be handled with company-provided or employee-owned vehicles. Costs are divided among the pool members.

Preferential Parking for Carpools

This program is one of the easiest to implement and costs virtually nothing! Employers designate several parking spaces or one general area closest to entrances for those employees who carpool or vanpool to work. This can be an attractive perk in any season, whether there’s rain, snow, bitter cold or extreme heat.