Telework Post 3/31/2020

What’s that behind me!  Well…it’s your behind.  Not only are you working from home and not in the office, but you cannot run out at lunch to walk the mall and pick up the make-up you forgot to get last month, or hit the gym. The good news is this lifestyle interruption is not happening in the dead of winter. We have the opportunity to take advantage of the beautiful spring weather. Walk the dog twice a day or double the route, the pup will love it. Unless of course she’s a spoiled princess who does not like the icky mud and will need to be carried half way through the walk. That’s ok! Consider it working-out with weights. Take the kids for a walk or to a park.  Bonus: it’s a good way to exhaust them because when they get home it will be time for a nap.  Of course you don’t need a dog or kids to take a walk – sunlight and fresh air will do you a world of good. If you belong to a gym, check out their website or Facebook page.  Most of them are offering workout videos.  If you don’t belong to a gym, but right about now you wish you did – many workouts are being offered for free online.

OK, you just thought of a million excuses in your head why none of these options will work for you – here is one last idea – clean your house. Do a little during breaks or at lunch. I don’t mean dust what you can see, I mean really get down on your knees and clean those baseboards. Not with a Swiffer, get the Pine-Sol out.  Don’t forget bathroom vents, under and behind the refrigerator; get the step ladder out and clean valences or take down the window coverings and wash them (read directions first – trust me on this). In the end it’s about your physical as well as your mental health – keep moving.  It will make you more productive while working from home.

Cecile Charlton, Executive Director

The DCTMA advocates for the use of transportation demand management strategies, educating businesses and employees on telework and other transportation alternatives.  The DCTMA hopes to keep your spirits up with our tips for telework. Stay safe and stay healthy.