Telework Tip 3/24/2020

Colors and your mood – We all know that colors affect our mood. What is your mood today? Are you blue – not the bright blue, but the dark and foreboding, deep ocean blue?   Could it be your home office is drab, gray, or in an unfinished basement? What colors do you have around you?  Are the colors of your desk and computer dark?

We have been working from home for a few days now and thank goodness it’s spring.  The trees are flowering and the bulbs are waking up.  If you have a garden just take some time to look at it and appreciate the yellows, blues and purples.  No garden – no problem, consider buying flowers, most supermarkets sell them and I know you are buying food.  Or go through your closet.  Grab a bright shirt, blouse, or tie – just having the right color where you can see it will brighten your mood.

Here are some color ideas for enhancing your mood.  Blue is calming, who doesn’t need calming right now, we are all on edge.  Purple increases creativity. Having one thing on your mind (yes I am talking about you C-19), blocks any original thought from getting through, buy some Hyacinths or Irises!  Bright yellow, pink, peach or lilacs have an uplifting effect on your mood. Many of you may not have these colors in your closet, but look around your house – are there items you own that have these colors?  Display them in your office. If you have kids ask them to draw you a picture with these colors for your home office. Bonus points for keeping the kids busy.

Now, if you are a red person – go for it!  Red gives your energy…..but red can also increase your appetite – maybe not a good idea if you are in the house all day. Just something to think about.

Cecile Charlton, Executive Director

The DCTMA advocates for the use of transportation demand management  strategies, educating businesses and employees on telework and other transportation alternatives.  The DCTMA hopes to keep your spirits up with our tips for telework. Stay safe and stay healthy.