Congratulations to Chichester High School & Archbishop John Carroll High School for winning the 2018-2019 Seat Belt Challenge! 

See our page for details: Seat Belt Challenge

Save the Date!  Our Employment & Career EXPO will be on Thursday, October 31st at the Springfield Country Club! 

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Is I-95 traffic slowing your daily commute?
Don’t worry! DCTMA is here to help!

MAP out an easier commute by:
Taking Public Transit

Alternative Work Schedules
Biking or Walking to Work

Contact us for more info: 610-892-9440


Looking for an easier commute while also saving $$ and helping our environment?  Sign up for Share a Ride to see if you can find a carpool, vanpool, transit, or bike partner! 

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Looking for information on the SEPTA Key card? 

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