Commuter Cycling

Off road trail connections are being designed all through our county.  And many have connections with businesses, residential neighborhoods, and town centers that make biking for work a breeze.   Delaware County Planning Dept. is currently working on a Media-Smedley connector trail.  Smedley Connector Trail

Our way of life is changing, and some of those changes are temporary, but let’s embrace this opportunity to begin cycling to work.   Rediscover the physical and mental health benefits of cycling and enjoy your environmentally-friendly commute.


Be sure to map your route from work to home as well as from home to work, as this may be different due to one-way streets, difficult intersections or hills.
For traveling in and around the city using public transit or commuting distances longer than 10 miles, multi-modal planning is an option worth looking into. Check out Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission information on commuter cycling:
So you wish to split up your commute between bike and train, but what do you need? Taking your bike on a train or bus is a stress-free way to travel by bike and unbeatable distance efficiency. Please view SEPTA bicycle option rules and guidelines. There is also a video by DCTMA on How to Bike and Ride SEPTA, which can be viewed at the following link:


Week 1: Have You Ever Considered Cycling to Work?

Cycling commuters can take advantage of this brief period of low traffic by looking into alternate routes to work. Your commute can be more enjoyable and safer by seeking out quieter roads and more scenic surroundings. If on your route there is a heavily congested area, investigate whether it is beneficial for you to consider a detour or use SEPTA for part of your commute. Planning alternate routes may add a little time and distance but if it makes it safer and less stressful, it is worth it!

You can use the ride to and from work as exercise or just to jump start your busy day.

You get to breath fresh air, keep the environment cleaner, avoid traffic jams and cycling can save you money.

However, the burning question on your mind, what is a reasonable distance to bike to work?

There are a few factors that determine a reasonable distance for anyone to ride to work. In simple terms, the right distance to bike to work on a daily basis is 10 miles or less.

It is essential to know that 10 miles isn’t the ideal number for everyone. The number of miles you can ride sustainably may be higher or lower than the average.

Getting started

To overcome any kind of problem relating to distance on your bike commute, the best thing to do is to start out easy and build up to the full journey over time.

If you are currently driving to work, consider driving part of the way and cycle the rest. This can help you save money immediately in terms of things like parking and gas, while also helping you get ready for riding a longer distance over time.

No car? No problem – many types of public transportation, will allow you to take your bike on so you can also travel that way, too.

SEPTA’s Bike & Ride program allows you to combine the ease and convenience of riding your bicycle with public transportation. Travel more simply to work on the regional rail lines and buses, while enjoying the outdoors. For more information on planning your commute with SEPTA click here.